Having fallen under alcohol's magic, Jones decides to break the curse and get her life back on track. Every minute feels like torture.

The Team

Directed by Stacey Maltin

Written by Margarita Zhitnikova

Cinematography by Isabella TanDani Tenenbaum

Produced by Stacey Maltin, Carrie Radigan, Marzy Hart

Costume Design by Keriann Correia

HMU by Racquele Goody


Margarita Zhitnikova as Jones

Lisa Tharps as Barbie

Michael Varamogiannis as Manny

Valerie Laury as Janine


Margarita & Stacey talking about the making of JONES with Close Up Culture.

“Jones” and the Alcoholic Millennial featured in That Girl Creates

"If even one person seeks sobriety after seeing her film - she has touched their life immeasurably..." on Take2IndieReview

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